Google Doesn’t Really Understand Marriage


Been busy in Budapest and Bucharest, so we’re behind on blogging. Bummer. (STOP IT!)

The Big Bad Google Borg doesn’t really have a mind of its own… yet… but it’s interesting to see how, as a reflection of our culture, it morphs and modifies search requests in an attempt to be helpful and cast a wider net. For instance, I was googling “great marriage clips” to augment a presentation we’re going to make tomorrow, and the first two pages of results are nothing but wedding and proposal and, thanks to that goofy viral video of a year or so back, wedding party dances.

I realize that most of what’s driving the listings I saw is nothing more than data and pixels and authors/creators making deliberate choices to widen their appeal, but there is a deep truth expressed in equating — or rather, conflating “marriage” with “wedding.” Because unfortunately the wedding-as-highlight is too often a self-fulfilling prophecy these days, and it’s too hard to somehow stuff the abstractions of “commitment,” “enduring blessing,” “sustained passion,” “honor,” and yes, “obedience” into words that would permit a search engine to respond accurately to what is truly noble, fulfilling, and great about marriage.

But as our little platform from which we speak what we believe to be true thankfully continues to deepen and widen — 25 years and still growing — we have come to realize that all the scratches, dents, and spot-welds the years have exposed are not only a part of that truth, they are the key ingredient that makes marriage so sweet. Based on my Google searches, nobody wants a boring wedding, and so people go to great lengths to make it memorable. So why aren’t more people willing to go the distance in that which follows?

(And in case you’re wondering, THIS is a great marriage clip.)


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