Missed It By That Much


This was my morning.

On days that we go out to the office, we have a direct but delicate commute involving a trolley, a tram, and two buses. And today was just one of those days where I was always arriving a few seconds too late to catch the next leg, which compounds as you move further from the city center.

A Hungarian friend shared some wisdom with us on this subject. She said her mother told her, “Never run after a tram or a man. There will always be another.”

Good advice, and it proved true today as well. Despite the missed connections, I made it out in plenty of time for my meeting (and probably only about 5-10 minutes later than I would have if everything had clicked). Public transport has a lot of benefits, but one of the biggest is the reminder that there are millions upon millions of stories playing out each day, and not all of them are subordinate to my own.


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