Democratic Heat


Coming back in from work a couple days back, we noticed the above notice posted next to our apartment building’s elevator. A little assist from Google Translate and a confirmation from our landlord later, we discovered that it was an opportunity to vote for turning the building’s heat on earlier than scheduled. (Fűtés indítás kérés = heating start request)

The building dates back to around 1930 — and the aforementioned elevator not much younger — so some of the facilities are old school. There is a central furnace that supplies steam heat to all the flats, but it isn’t usually fired up until mid-October. This week the temperatures dropped into the 40s and 50s at night, which prompted the notice. Once over 50% of the flat owners voted in favor, the motion carried, and we should be nice and toasty sometime next week.


2 responses to “Democratic Heat

  1. I guess I am a bit curious as to why there would be a vote. Does your rent go up? Some actually voted against this proposal? Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

  2. Yes, there is a cost associated with the heat, measured by water usage in your unit. As far as the “vote” goes, I suspect it’s just one of those things that’s in the bylaws or covenants for the building that the heat will be turned on October 15 unless over half the residents sign on to make it earlier. (And I don’t know that anyone was against it — it was just a sheet where the residents could sign their name next to their unit number. Once they had half the building’s signatures, they took it down as a done deal.)

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