Truth in Advertising


The concept may be enigmatic, but the name tells it like it is. This is not a cafe owned by someone named Catherine, it is indeed a cafe featuring cats. Not on the menu, mind you, but as permanent guests. (Who technically could walk on the menu, but are not something you can order, thank goodness.)

We are dog people — that is to say, if there’s going to be a pet in our house, it’s going to be a dog, not a cat. But the idea of a cafe that has cats wandering around to be petted and played with is kind of intriguing, so we visited the place last spring. (And while we may be dog people, the idea of anything involving food, quiet conversation, and dogs just doesn’t compute.)

Once you get past the concept — and I’m imagining the pitch meeting with investors and kind of snickering — there’s really not that much more to tell. They have coffee, drinks, and sweets, all of which are just ok and a tad overpriced by Budapest standards, and they have a lot of somewhat antisocial cats — and really, who can blame them, with a steady stream of touristas pawing at them all day — somewhere on the premises. And then there’s the trying-too-hard-to-overcome-the-litter-box-smell, which is muted, but unavoidably there.

We wandered by to see if it had survived — which obviously it has — but kept on walking.


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