Lions and Statues and Szendvics, Oh My!


We took a short road trip to the town of Gyöngyös (pronounced just like it looks… ok, not at all like it looks. Try “DYUN – dyush” with the “u” sound from “push,” not “fun” or “super.”) It’s nice town about an hour and a half from our doorstep out to the north and east of Budapest. There were several rather clever statues around and about, including this one on the main square that has a nice map etched into the granite base. To date, the towns we’ve visited have been university towns, but while Gyöngyös is a bit more blue collar in its history and overall appearance, there are still some stunning bits of art and architecture that justify wandering around all afternoon. And getting a massive chicken, ham, egg and cheese panini toward the end of our wanderings. Thumbs up, Eat & Go!

The real attraction, however, was the Szórako Zoo, which among its somewhat sad variety of exotic animals has some baby lion cubs that they let you pet and play with. Granted, the lion cubs can’t read the memo, so in the interest of keeping all digits intact, we were pretty cautious, but it was certainly an unusual thing to find in the middle of Hungary.



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