Museums and Microwaves



We decided to spend part of a snowy day indoors, at the Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum (Hungarian National Museum). It’s a lovely building with amazing artifacts and examples of over 1000 years of life in Hungary — and a great audio tour to boot. We’re absorbing it in bite-sized chunks, so we’ll look forward to moving beyond the 1600s in our next visit!

Afterward, we decided to hit a staple over here — a Kinai Bufé. You can probably guess — a Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet, with your standard array of questionable dishes that have been sitting out for hours — in other words, just like home! But there’s one innovation, shown here in the picture. You fill up your plate from the steamless steam tables and make a pit stop at the bank of microwave ovens on your way to your seat. That way, anything that was semi-fresh will get good and rubbery to make for a more uniformly mediocre experience.

And no fortune cookie at the end — that would be extra. Despite this, we ambled contentedly home.


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