Logan’s Futam



Pictured is a store window for DM, a drugstore chain, which is celebrating its 20-year anniversary. The literal translation is “20 years of DM,” which sounds more like something endured than something celebrated, but I digress.

DM isn’t alone in celebrating their 20-year anniversary. When we arrived last summer, virtually every consumer enterprise of any scope was in the midst of celebrating a 20-year anniversary — grocery stores, drugstores, department stores… everywhere we went had stickers, balloons and/or signs to celebrate their 20 years here. It’s a sort of western capitalism Logan’s Run — nothing with a fancy logo and multiple franchises is more than 21 or 22 years old!

Which takes us back to the digression — there are some youngish sprouts on the tree of capitalistic life back in the US that I’d be happy to see pruned or cut out entirely (I’m looking at you, Applebee’s, and all your soulless, tasteless, nutritionless siblings), but we’re sure hoping and praying its transplant over here makes it beyond 30.


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