Bartok Coda


A few days after visiting the Bartók Béla Emlékház, we saw a billboard advertising a “Bartók Maraton” at the Palace of Arts, Budapest’s new concert hall on the south side of Pest. The marathon was basically 12 hours of Bartók music chopped up into one-hour segments with discounted tickets (under US$5) for each segment, along with all-day or half-day combinations. We had a busy day planned, but decided to sneak out for the performance of Bartók’s Kossuth Symphony at 5:00, and are glad we did.

The facility is beautiful, the music was wonderful, the sound was perfect, and our seats were awesome — as you can see in the picture, we were right above the stage. It was like being back in the band room in high school… except for the facility, the music, and the sound…

8 French Horns! Ol’ Bela let ’em rip a few times, too. We won’t wait four months for our next visit.


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