Vác (Rhymes with “lots of fun”)



It was a gorgeous day yesterday (50 degrees! Woo hoo!), so we decided to go exploring in the afternoon. We took the train to Vác, a small town north of Pest along the bend of the Danube. It’s only about 25 miles away, so it was a quick — and inexpensive, about $2.50 — ride.

Like a lot of Hungarian towns, Vác sort of curls up for the winter — wide promenades that will be clustered with tables and people in about two months are forlorn and deserted, and several would-be attractions are closed up for the season, but we had a great time just wandering around in the sun. The picture above is of the town hall, where the tourist office has been moved for the winter. (See?)

Our highlights, as they often do, revolved around sugar. We stopped by the Desszert Szalon for cakes to fortify ourselves for the walking, and wound down at the Choco Cafe with some delicious flavored forro csoki. Mine was peanut-flavored — tasted like a melted Reese’s peanut butter cup. Awesome.

And we now have a new dream job, courtesy of the Desszert Szalon: Sugar Master*.


(* – So it really translates as “confectioner,” but wouldn’t you rather be a Sugar Master?)



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