100 Day Assessment (a few days late)


So we’ve been here just a bit over 100 days. (It flies by!) Clearly, that’s enough time to make some sweeping judgments about what we like and what we don’t like over here and assert them with unassailable authority. We’ll throw a few pros and cons into the mix over the next few days, not in any particular order, but hopefully coherently matched.

Pro #1: Cuisine

OK, sure, we miss our Tex-Mex, and there are assorted oddities and missing items on the shelves or in the restaurants, but the food here is reason enough to pay a long, long visit. The staples (paprikás csirke, gulyás, et al) are wonderful, but so are the various riffs on the staples that many restaurants put forward, and the variety of styles and offerings is remarkable, to say nothing of the very affordable prices. There are very few chain places in what American analysts would call the casual dining space over here — there is a TGI Friday’s in the mall nearby, but the blight of Applebee’s, Bennigan’s and Chili’s is nowhere to be found. In their places are dozens of local, one-off vendéglös (inns/taverns) that make each meal an interesting experience. We lived in Houston for 20 and 30 years, respectively, and don’t recall ever hearing about a Hungarian restaurant in a city that justifiably prides itself on the diversity of its dining options. Missed opportunity.

Con #1: Everything is Extra

At first you laugh when you see prices for mustard packets. But even after training ourselves to know the bags cost extra, the charges for doggy bag/carry out containers still give us pause. What, like I’m supposed to bring a Tupperware container to the restaurant?

A small price (literally) to pay for good food, I suppose, but we don’t need any additional temptations to overeat!

Come see us and find out for yourself!


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