And the Truck Goes “Moooooo!”

2012-12-04 14.14.51

We’re far from your stock couple of tree-hugging naturalists — neither of us owns a pair of Birkenstocks, and I’m pretty sure the Sierra Club revokes memberships for eating corn dogs — but over the past few years we’ve tried to connect our diet a bit more closely with the food sources. Back in Arkansas, we were regular shoppers at the truly local farmer’s markets, and we even went in on a cow co-op for a supply of raw milk.

So when some friends told us about the milk truck that comes into town daily right near our tram stop, we had to check it out. Sure enough, you walk up to the back of the truck with a liter container, and they put it under a nozzle from their tank of fresh tej (milk) and fill it up. It’s not raw milk, alas, but it’s cold and very tasty, and at only 200 HUF (about 90 cents), it’s a bargain compared to the grocery stores. All it’s missing is a shifty-looking guy in a trenchcoat acting as a lookout.

(Slogan translation: “Drink for health.”)


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