More Stories about Entrepreneurs and Food

2012-12-02 09.53.27


We stopped in at the Szimpla Kert after church today — basically a ruins pub that runs a locavore market each week. It’s a bit like finding organic food in a World War II picture of Dresden, but with a happier, funkier vibe. We enjoy chatting with the various vendors, and when I saw these jars I had to buy some. The basil is grown on a farm about 20 miles outside of Budapest, which pretty much defines the northernmost clime that will support it, and in keeping with the organic standards for Hungary (earning the “Bio” appellation), “Budapesto” contains only naturally grown items here in Hungary, meaning there are crushed walnuts instead of pinenuts in it. I’ve submitted the paperwork to trademark “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buda;” that will put us on the fast track to early retirement, I’m sure of it.


2 responses to “More Stories about Entrepreneurs and Food

  1. I’m happy to see that you visited Szimpla’s Farmer Market eventually. 🙂 It’s a great place, we usually go there with my mom.

    • I agree — we’re going to try and visit the organic market over in District 12 sometime soon as well just to see how it compares. But Szimpla Kert is really an interesting place — we need to try and get there a bit later in the day when all of the food at the back is ready to be served!

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