It’s Like Those Hungarians, They Have a Different Word for EVERYthing…


Heard on the busz: “So, what’s the word for a flightless bird that lives in the Antarctic… never mind, got it.”

3 Thanksgiving feasts in four days. Very nice — the best was the middle one, where there were about 25 or so of us in attendance, only one other of whom was American, so it was fun to watch them absorbing a bit of our traditions. The biggest fascination is the fact that we cook the whole creature — turkey (polyka) is a fairly common main course here, but they buy cutlets or portions, never an entire bird.

The other interesting foreign concept is sweet potatoes — they’re a healthy root vegetable in a land brimming with carrots, potatoes, leeks and turnips, but for some reason they don’t grow sweet potatoes at all — and any Central/Eastern European farmers reading this, you’re missing a great market opportunity. Our Hungarian friends love ’em!


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