2 Days in Eger

We’ve got some non-stop busy-ness coming our way, so we took what all the guidebooks recommend as a day trip to Eger (pronounced EGG-air), and being in the slow class, made it two days. And we’re glad we did. It’s a lovely town, with dozens of worthwhile sights and experiences all within a short walk of one another. Eger is a university town of 60,000 about 2 hours to the northeast by bus. (It’s still a university town of 60,000 to the northeast by car or train, but the elapsed time might be different. Right. Back to the story.)

The picture above is of the Basilica in Eger; it’s the second-largest church in Hungary, bigger even than Szent Istvan Basilica in Budapest. You’ll have to come over for Elizabeth’s slide show; the iPhone just doesn’t do it justice. There are a couple of other genuinely jaw-dropping church interiors elsewhere in Eger as well, all of which can been seen at a leisurely pace in the extreme off-season. Besides the stunning spectacle in each, it’s fascinating to see how that which is new creeps into the arrangement. Almost all of the churches we’ve seen over here have a video projector and screen up in the altar area along with electronics for sound projection. And the green police will be thrilled at this:

Besides the sights, we enjoyed some awesome food while there, including a some seriously amazing palacsinta (savory pancakes) at two different locations. The second night we were treated to some Dickensian fog, and today before we left we enjoyed a truly Hungarian experience: a trip to the local thermal baths. Good for the body, good for the soul — and good for you we didn’t take our cameras in.


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