The Best Cross-Cross-Cultural Experience Ever

We’d heard from some of the expats here that Arriba Taqueria was actually pretty good. Now, you need to understand that we spent 2 1/2 years in Little Rock hearing about “pretty good” Mexican food at this spot or that, and being bitterly disappointed each time. We gave up on our quest and came up with a coping strategy instead — every trip back to Houston we would max out on Ninfa’s, Cafe Adobe, and Pappasitos, and bring a cooler full of fajita meat back with us.

So yesterday we were in the vicinity, stared at the sign, and said to each other, “Let’s get this over with.”

It was actually pretty darn good! Discount our review somewhat under the grounds that anything tastes good when you’re really, really hungry, and it’s definitely not Tex-Mex, but I would stack it up comfortably somewhere between Chipotle and Berryhill, and considering our low expectations going in…

Our eyes began to water midway through the meal, and it wasn’t because the salsa was hot. We’re loving the adventure and the newness of each and every day, but a little taste and smell of home is a powerful and special blessing.


2 responses to “The Best Cross-Cross-Cultural Experience Ever

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