Breakfast of Champions


It’s not a tough case to argue that pizza may be the most genuinely international food, with apologies to the folks at McDonalds and KFC. We’ve eaten it in Japan, South Korea, Poland, in Argentina, in the UK — pretty much everywhere in Europe but Italy, ironically enough. There’s a great place near us called Pronto Pizzeria that everyone just calls “Pizza and Beer” because that’s the sign facing the street, and we went out for lunch this week at a place near the office that was also good, and in both places the common denominator was egg on the pizza. (That’s the egg at the center of the picture above.)

We’re used to odd things on pizza when we go abroad — over in Japan they loved to put corn and cuttle fish on it, and we’ve seen beans, peas and various fruits and veggies here and there, but we hadn’t thought of egg before. It turns out that (a) it’s really good, and (b) if you’re already pounding bread, cheese and ham/bacon on it anyway, it really makes for a well-balanced breakfast.


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