I Got Some Groceries, Some Peanut Butter…

This ain’t no party…

Nope, it’s the Tesco Busz! For the uninitiated, Tesco is basically a Kroger Signature Store on steroids — known over here in Europe as a “hypermarket,” not because they sell Adderall but because they have enough stuff to make anyone jump(y). There are a few Tescos in the city, but the monster store is out in Budaörs, not too far from our office. Because we’re not the only Budapestians who don’t drive, Tesco runs a shuttle from Buda to Budaors and back, which makes it easier to haul mass quantities of bargain food and drink home.

This ain’t no disco…

And it definitely ain’t a WalMart with an obstacle course of battered, zombie-like shopping carts that occupy all the best parking spaces.

To use a proper shopping cart, you have to go to the corral nearest you where dozens of gleaming, 4-wheel-drive carts stand at the ready, linked together by these coin-operated locks and chains. You insert a 100 forint coin in the lock mechanism to take your cart away, and after use, bring it back to a corral and relink it to the rest to get your coin back. At first, I thought, “If I really want to steal a shopping cart, 45 cents (100 Ft at current rates) isn’t going to change my mind about it.” But then it finally hit me — the genius is that the carts all get brought back to the corral!

This ain’t no fooling around…

Mission half-accomplished. While refrigerated cookie dough doesn’t seem to have made it here yet, we scored some peanut butter at long last, preserving our apartment as a Nutella-free zone.


6 responses to “I Got Some Groceries, Some Peanut Butter…

  1. Stay strong on that Nutella-free zone. I do love shopping in overseas grocery stores. Such a treasure hunt as well as source of endless frustration!

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