Thanksgiving in October

We made a conscious decision with this blog to keep it mostly light and focused outward on our experiences in a new land and culture. That will remain the norm, but occasionally the real world intervenes in such a way that to carry on without a nod to it would be false or disrespectful, or in this case, both.

I remember the first funeral I attended after my commitment to Christ, for a mentor and godly man to whom I still pay tribute every time I pray “in the matchless name of Jesus.” There was hurt, there was sadness, but there was also a real sense of hope and joy for my friend’s new home. Indeed, even as I in my heart long to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” I also hope with all my heart that my legacy will be that same sense of assurance of my eternal destination in all who call me husband, son, father or friend.

We have such an occasion now, for a dear relative who bore up gracefully under a cruel disease that took her from loved ones far sooner than any of us would have wanted. She fought the good fight, finished the race, and is now in the arms of the only one who could care for her more than those she left behind. We were fortunate to pay her a final visit before we went overseas, and as Mary did after her encounter with an angel, we will treasure it and ponder it in our hearts.


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