Twenty Languages and the 50 Forint Bag


We bought a small printer for the home office yesterday — talk about your razors/razorblades model run amok; the cartridges cost more than the printer! Above are the installation instructions for this region. Twenty different languages! See if you can name them all – answers at the bottom of the post.

I was doing so well until the very end of the transaction. The cashier asked me if I needed a large bag for the printer, and, for a moment forgetting where I was, said, “No, just a small bag for the accessories.” Doh! She pulled out the bag below and scanned it. This is what 50 forints (about 23 cents) gets you if you’re bag shopping:



The 20 languages in the first picture, top to bottom, left to right:

  1. English
  2. Polish
  3. Czech
  4. Hungarian
  5. Slovak
  6. Romanian
  7. Bulgarian
  8. Latvian
  9. Lithuanian
  10. Estonian
  11. Danish
  12. Finnish
  13. Norwegian
  14. Swedish
  15. Turkish
  16. Greek
  17. Slovenian
  18. Croatian
  19. Macedonian
  20. Serbian

Language is a very real source of friction for business — not in the relational sense (although it’s there, too), but in the cost *cents*. Which leads to 23 cent bags, I guess.



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