Bucket (of Bolts) List

The Lada 2105. One point two liters of Russian excitement. Sixty rampaging horses of surging power whether you need it or not.

The passengers. Terrified.

(The finger. One digit of photographic stupidity…)

We’ll stick to the tram.


One response to “Bucket (of Bolts) List

  1. I love the blog, because I like to tag on to what we have come to call “Hungarian experiences”. Re: the Lada… after a little over 20 years since communism, all the Russian single cylinder Skodas are gone. There was a bounty on them to be collected if the smoke belching bug was turned in. Re: parking in Budapest… less so now, it used to be okay to park anywhere you were brave enough and typically 2/3 of the car could be on the sidewalk.

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