Palinka and Sausage



No, it’s not the new cop buddy show on Fox (or Sky…), it’s the 6th Annual Pálinka and Sausage Festival, held on the grounds of Buda Castle this weekend. After an amazing set of divine appointments at mass this evening, we headed over the river for a little cultural enlightenment. Pálinka is a fruit brandy, and sausage is… sausage. Pálinka, Unicum and Tokaji wine are contenders for the title of national drink of Hungary; it’s not much of a beer-drinking culture compared to, say, Czech Republic or My Freshman Orientation Week. We didn’t rush out and buy a case on the way home, but as one of those items you might potentially have to toss down in a social setting to be polite, it’s not too bad. The setting was really the star for us — Buda Castle is lovely at night, and the weather was spectacular.

To make us feel right at home, the festival always has a featured foreign country whose liquor and food are also on display. Bueno!


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