It was a great day for the Parliament tour to run out of tickets before we got there. Darn, guess we’ll have to walk around on a sunny, 70 degree day instead… This is a shot of Ferenc Rakoczi, who led an early 18th century rebellion against the Hapsburgs, on the lawn in front of the Parliament building. Off camera to the right is another statue, of a later rebel leader, Lajos Kossuth, for whom the square and adjacent Metro stop are named. I’m sure we’ll manage to get inside the building, which is incredibly impressive from the outside.

This is also probably a good time to note the Hungarian practice of last name first, first name last. This picture is from an impressive sculpture honoring Imre Nagy, the Communist (and originally Soviet-endorsed) Chairman of Hungary who, like Mikhail Gorbachev would some 30 years later, tried to transition to a more equitable and participatory form of government, and who after falling out of favor with the Soviet Politburo led the 1956 uprising against Soviet control over their country. Like the uprisings above, it was brutally crushed, and Nagy was executed in 1958. As you can see, the epitaph reads “Nagy Imre.” Interestingly, this practice does not extend to foreigners — we live near Victor Hugo Utca (street) and Carl Lutz Rakpart (quay).


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